High Low Glitter: From Dinner Table to Dot-Com

High Low Glitter was started as a dinner table game, some 15 years ago, by Stephanie Ross. She began the activity as a way to get her young daughters talking about their days, but quickly found it also taught them all the power perspective and finding gratitude. I was introduced to said daughters and High Low […]

What’s the Harm in Oversharing? I’ll Tell You

April Fools! Yesterday’s post was less a joke and more a sociology experiment of sorts, an informal survey of opinions regarding online privacy and identity ownership. These two relatively new issues are both intertwined and evolving at the speed of the Internet.  Surprise Surprise prompted many well thought out opinions, but also illuminated that many people haven’t […]

Surprise Surprise

Yesterday I got an email from a cousin, and it had a curious subject line: You might want to check Facebook… I hadn’t been on FB for a couple days.  My first thought was: who died?  Just a few months ago I learned about the death of a good friend living over seas via FB. […]

Clues That It’s Time to Redo Your Website

Today I did a competitive review for a client, assessing who in my client’s industry was doing what with their internet presence. This is a normal process I do with practically every client or would-be client. Typically in any given review I find a couple competitors with well-built, well-designed websites doing a terrific job promoting […]

Quality, not Quantity

When I went off to college, cell phones were called “car phones” and were the exclusive domain business elites. The Internet?  That was called “Telnet,” with cryptic commands on a black or greenish screen. When I wanted to call home it was either collect or on a “long distance” account.  It wasn’t cheap.  They charged […]