Quality, not Quantity

When I went off to college, cell phones were called “car phones” and were the exclusive domain business elites. The Internet?  That was called “Telnet,” with cryptic commands on a black or greenish screen. When I wanted to call home it was either collect or on a “long distance” account.  It wasn’t cheap.  They charged […]

When Email Marketing, Check Your HTML

Reminder of the day: When engaging in email marketing, check your html on all the major email clients to ensure your message is rendering exactly as desired. The following image is from Entrepreneur Magazine’s weekly digest. Note the middle spot, which is “Sponsor Provided Content.” Someone paid quite a bit to have their message garbled. This […]

Digital Hoarding

It is estimated that five percent of the US population are hoarders. Perhaps you’ve seen them in their cluttered natural habitat on the A&E reality television show Hoarders. If you’ve missed Hoarders, imagine houses full of junk, old newspapers, empty boxes from five years ago, whatever, up to the ceiling. (Confession: I have not seen this show […]

Error: Bad User Experience

This post is about a great example of a bad user experience due to a bad user interface. I was attempted to renew my cycling racing license at usacycling.org.  A problem first arose when I was not able to retrieve my password because it didn’t recognize my “secret answer.” I cannot attest to what was […]

When Cell Phones Lose Their Signal

A person I know (who shall go unnamed) has the most delightful and handy of devices: a cellphone jammer.  This pocket-sized contraption renders your cellphone useless if you are within 20 feet or so.  It’s also apparently illegal because it’s a mini radio transmitter of sorts, which is the domain of the FTC. Imagine you […]