Ted’s Covid-19 Projections in the US

If you are bewildered by the ever-changing and often conflicting Covid-19 projections coming out of Washington DC and state departments of health, you are not alone. Because of this, I decided to have a try at my own Covid model. A large part of my day job is data analytics so this is familiar terrain […]

Use Math, Not Gut, When Making Adwords Decisions

Marketing is no longer the domain in which the Visionary Creative rules. Don Draper is dead. The internet has changed advertising. Traditional advertising such as print, radio and TV commercials are expensive, slow, and subject to a lot of noise when trying to measure their result. What is worse, A/B testing traditional advertising – on the exact […]

 “Google Listing” Robocall Scam

In the last month I’ve received a couple calls, to my cell phone, from a robocaller. When I answer a message starts: Our records show that you have not optimized your Google listing. It is critical that you optimize your Google listing… Press 9 to be connected to an Google Listing Agent right away. My […]

Big Changes to Google Search are Coming

Two years ago I was at an Internet marketing conference. At the time it was estimated by Google that almost a quarter of searches were from mobile devices – phones and tablets. Fast forward a mere 18 months to another Internet marketing conference that I attended. Matt Cutts from Google said that mobile traffic was […]

Why I Deleted My Instagram Account

I liked Instagram – until I didn’t. For over a year I used Instagram with a few friends and family members. I think at the peak I had 8 connections total. Each person, including myself, posted a picture a couple times a week on average. So on average I would see something new each day […]