casita, noun

ca·​si·​ta | \ kə-ˈsē-tə

Definition of casita: a small house

First, a truth-in-advertising disclaimer. Though we call it “the casita,” it’s not a small house. It’s not a big house either; it’s just a normal house.

We hope you come and enjoy the Sonoran Desert, a place of fantastic biodiversity. On any given day right out the back yard you may see many birds, owls, javelina, bobcats, mule deer, coyotes, and snakes (summer only).

House rules:

  • No pets
  • No smoking (do we even know anyone who smokes?)
  • Stay up to a week
  • Keep in mind that we both are working so probably are not free to play with you during the day. There will be exceptions of course.

Under the Casita button in the main navigation, there are sub-pages of handy information and links, to get you up to speed on the good stuff to see and do and eat.

Get yee to Tucson! Until then, below are a few pics of the scene you can expect.

On which couch you can binge watch to your heart’s content.

We have a family of Western Screech-Owls that come and go very often.
Here, kitty kitty.

Nice kitty.

Sometimes it snows in the mountains above Tucson.

Backyard putting practice.
Our pet javelina, "Bruce."

Don’t get between a mother and her baby javelinas!

Paloverde trees and Saguaro cactus bloom in the spring.

And then there are the legendary sunrises and sunsets of the desert southwest.




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