Ted’s Covid-19 Projections in the US

If you are bewildered by the ever-changing and often conflicting Covid-19 projections coming out of Washington DC and state departments of health, you are not alone. Because of this, I decided to have a try at my own Covid model. A large part of my day job is data analytics so this is familiar terrain […]

Why I Deleted My Instagram Account

I liked Instagram – until I didn’t. For over a year I used Instagram with a few friends and family members. I think at the peak I had 8 connections total. Each person, including myself, posted a picture a couple times a week on average. So on average I would see something new each day […]

Surprise Surprise

Yesterday I got an email from a cousin, and it had a curious subject line: You might want to check Facebook… I hadn’t been on FB for a couple days.  My first thought was: who died?  Just a few months ago I learned about the death of a good friend living over seas via FB. […]

Clues That It’s Time to Redo Your Website

Today I did a competitive review for a client, assessing who in my client’s industry was doing what with their internet presence. This is a normal process I do with practically every client or would-be client. Typically in any given review I find a couple competitors with well-built, well-designed websites doing a terrific job promoting […]

Digital Hoarding

It is estimated that five percent of the US population are hoarders. Perhaps you’ve seen them in their cluttered natural habitat on the A&E reality television show Hoarders. If you’ve missed Hoarders, imagine houses full of junk, old newspapers, empty boxes from five years ago, whatever, up to the ceiling. (Confession: I have not seen this show […]

Error: Bad User Experience

This post is about a great example of a bad user experience due to a bad user interface. I was attempted to renew my cycling racing license at usacycling.org.  A problem first arose when I was not able to retrieve my password because it didn’t recognize my “secret answer.” I cannot attest to what was […]