High Low Glitter: From Dinner Table to Dot-Com

High Low Glitter was started as a dinner table game, some 15 years ago, by Stephanie Ross. She began the activity as a way to get her young daughters talking about their days, but quickly found it also taught them all the power perspective and finding gratitude. I was introduced to said daughters and High Low […]

Surprise Surprise

Yesterday I got an email from a cousin, and it had a curious subject line: You might want to check Facebook… I hadn’t been on FB for a couple days.  My first thought was: who died?  Just a few months ago I learned about the death of a good friend living over seas via FB. […]

When Cell Phones Lose Their Signal

A person I know (who shall go unnamed) has the most delightful and handy of devices: a cellphone jammer.  This pocket-sized contraption renders your cellphone useless if you are within 20 feet or so.  It’s also apparently illegal because it’s a mini radio transmitter of sorts, which is the domain of the FTC. Imagine you […]