Quality, not Quantity

When I went off to college, cell phones were called “car phones” and were the exclusive domain business elites. The Internet?  That was called “Telnet,” with cryptic commands on a black or greenish screen. When I wanted to call home it was either collect or on a “long distance” account.  It wasn’t cheap.  They charged […]

Digital Hoarding

It is estimated that five percent of the US population are hoarders. Perhaps you’ve seen them in their cluttered natural habitat on the A&E reality television show Hoarders. If you’ve missed Hoarders, imagine houses full of junk, old newspapers, empty boxes from five years ago, whatever, up to the ceiling. (Confession: I have not seen this show […]

When Cell Phones Lose Their Signal

A person I know (who shall go unnamed) has the most delightful and handy of devices: a cellphone jammer.  This pocket-sized contraption renders your cellphone useless if you are within 20 feet or so.  It’s also apparently illegal because it’s a mini radio transmitter of sorts, which is the domain of the FTC. Imagine you […]