Big Changes to Google Search are Coming

Two years ago I was at an Internet marketing conference. At the time it was estimated by Google that almost a quarter of searches were from mobile devices – phones and tablets. Fast forward a mere 18 months to another Internet marketing conference that I attended. Matt Cutts from Google said that mobile traffic was […]

Why I Deleted My Instagram Account

I liked Instagram – until I didn’t. For over a year I used Instagram with a few friends and family members. I think at the peak I had 8 connections total. Each person, including myself, posted a picture a couple times a week on average. So on average I would see something new each day […]

High Low Glitter: From Dinner Table to Dot-Com

High Low Glitter was started as a dinner table game, some 15 years ago, by Stephanie Ross. She began the activity as a way to get her young daughters talking about their days, but quickly found it also taught them all the power perspective and finding gratitude. I was introduced to said daughters and High Low […]

Clues That It’s Time to Redo Your Website

Today I did a competitive review for a client, assessing who in my client’s industry was doing what with their internet presence. This is a normal process I do with practically every client or would-be client. Typically in any given review I find a couple competitors with well-built, well-designed websites doing a terrific job promoting […]

When Email Marketing, Check Your HTML

Reminder of the day: When engaging in email marketing, check your html on all the major email clients to ensure your message is rendering exactly as desired. The following image is from Entrepreneur Magazine’s weekly digest. Note the middle spot, which is “Sponsor Provided Content.” Someone paid quite a bit to have their message garbled. This […]

Error: Bad User Experience

This post is about a great example of a bad user experience due to a bad user interface. I was attempted to renew my cycling racing license at  A problem first arose when I was not able to retrieve my password because it didn’t recognize my “secret answer.” I cannot attest to what was […]