Covid-19 Projections in the US

The below Covid-19 history and projections spreadsheet shows the daily increase in cases and deaths from the Coronavirus in the United States. A tab for Italy is also included, as a reference point to where the US is heading.

Not sure what to believe? Join the party but then read this Coronavirus blog.

March 7 was the day on which half the states in the United States of America had confirmed Covid-29 infections. I live in the USA so this got my attention. As of March 7, we (the global population) had seen a Coronavirus infection doubling rate of every 4 or 6 days, depending upon when the data set began and which countries were included or excluded.

In the US we are seeing the Corona Virus double every two days. On March 21, New York announced that they are recommending that hospitals stop testing for the Coronavirus because the priority is care for the sick. Testing is backlogged in other states. The accurate number of Covie-19 infections in the United States is unknown but this is the best data we have at the moment. At the end of the day, it’s fatalities not the sick, that hit home.

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