Surprise Surprise


Yesterday I got an email from a cousin, and it had a curious subject line: You might want to check Facebook…

I hadn’t been on FB for a couple days.  My first thought was: who died?  Just a few months ago I learned about the death of a good friend living over seas via FB. I’m relieved to report that my initial fear was incorrect. But it was weird to say the least.

Scrolling down my news feed, I put the pieces together quickly.  Someone in my family (I shall protect the person for now, though by context the sharp reader will narrow the field of suspects) uploaded what appears to be my life in photos. Hundreds, from the ultrasound shots of me as a tadpole, to my buck-toothy teen years, to as recent as this Christmas. Every school headshot? Check. Baby in bathtub? Check. It’s all there for everyone in this person’s extensive network to see and have.

I was, and still am, taken aback, unsure what to say or do about this.  So, in the spirit of “crowd sourcing” opinion, what would you do in this circumstance?

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