Why I Deleted My Instagram Account

I liked Instagram – until I didn’t.

For over a year I used Instagram with a few friends and family members. I think at the peak I had 8 connections total. Each person, including myself, posted a picture a couple times a week on average. So on average I would see something new each day and I rather liked the eclectic variety, minus of course selfies. (Don’t get me started on selfies. Anything but selfies…)

Then Instagram began offering me suggestions of who to follow. It took up almost the top half of my phone, blighting the user experience. Despite locking down all the settings per Instagram’s instructions the suggestions would not go away.

Who and what were they suggesting? Mostly people I didn’t know firsthand, but were at the same time a little too similar in their galleries to my posts or those of my peeps. Whatever facial, scene, or brand/logo recognition algorithms they are using sure work, but work for whom and for what end?

Instagram didn’t ask me if they could scan my usage, my “likes” or “hearts,” or the content of my actual pictures. I’m sure it’s in the user agreement, but I’m sure we all missed THAT section when we read it.  And they didn’t care to inquire what I wanted from the product. They gave no options, no alternatives to their invasive and endless suggestions. Instagram wanted me to link to a mass of strangers that I don’t know or care about, thus diluting my experience. Instead of getting a little snapshot into a dear friend or relative’s day they wanted me to have an endless scroll of absurd and meaningless pictures to plow through. So I said goodbye.

Facebook may be next…

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